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This project is aimed at providing the specialists, vocational education planners and administrators with knowledge and information about industrial technology education in Germany and Spain for the development of Turkish system with applicable and practical action plan. The target groups are specialists and educational planners and administrators (engaged in policy making for educational administration) in university and associated partners dealing with industrial technology education. There is a very high demand of technology teachers nationwide and the Gazi University is the only institution having Technology Education program. Thus, this program should be revised with a practical action plan corresponding with German, Spanish and EU standards.

To put into practice the objective, three main goals are intended. First, the target group will be expected to understand programs such as technology education in junior high schools and vocational schools, industry education in senior high schools. Second, the target group will learn the system of teacher training for technology education. The technology education programs specifically in the fields of machinery, woodworking, metalworking, electricity, cultivation and information technology will be inspected. As well as that, issues related with training of technology teachers, trainers and other learning facilitators will be drawn. Thus, a basis for the comparison of Turkish technology education system with German and Spanish systems would be provided and discussions about the development of new strategies and curriculum will be made with the partner organisations.

Third, the target group will be required to understand the basis for industrial technology education and its interaction with German and Spanish industry, technology and society. They are expected to deepen their understanding of industrial technology in Germany and find the relevant German knowledge, technology and experiences that are applicable to Turkey. The target group will also learn to achieve and develop ICT supported teaching and learning in the training institutes. The other specific aim of this project is to provide basis for the establishment of alternating higher educational training (Sandwich-training) in Industrial Technology Education Program at Gazi University. This means that the traditional academic training at universities gets more practical with vocational elements. This type of educational program has been accepted by some technological faculties in Germany and EU and has been integrated into the system of the university. Thus, the project completely corresponds to the development of work-related training programs.

Total of 12 specialists, vocational education planners and administrators will go to different universities, vocational institutions and related companies in Germany and Spain 4 weeks. The partners are University Duisburg-Essen (from Germany) and STEP Training (from Spain). The exchanges will take place between 02.06 - 30.06.2005.

This exchange project will establish a framework for a further pilot project measure of Leonardo program for longer term and to make the necessary curriculum developments. The pilot project needs the experiences of the experts in this exchange project and strongly related.