Suat Özdemir

Computer Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering
Gazi University
Maltepe, Ankara, TR-06570, TURKEY.

Office: 138
Office Hours: Appointment by email
Email:suatozdemir (at)
Tel.: +90 (312) 582-3138
Fax: +90 (312) 230-6503

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Short Bio

I have been with the Computer Engineering Department at Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey since March 2007. Before joining Gazi University, I received my MSc degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University (August 2001) and PhD degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University (December 2006). During my graduate study, I worked on wireless sensor network security. My dissertation title is "Secure data aggregation and false data detection for wireless sensor networks". In Gazi University, I served as assistant department head between 2010 and 2015. I also worked for TUBITAK from 2010 to 2014 as senior researcher. I am a member of IEEE and currently serving as editor/TPC member/reviewer for various leading IEEE and ACM journals and conferences.

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My research areas mainly include Internet of Things (IoT), IoT data analysis, wireless sensor networks, network security and data mining. I lead Wireless Sensor Networks and Data Mining Laboratory (KAVEM) where we are currently working on secure fog computing, IoT data analysis, complex event processing and smartgrid security. Here is the list of graduate students and postdocs I work/ed with. If you would like to be a part of my research group, please send your CV to me. Please follow below links for more information about my research laboratory, list of publications and projects.

Wireless Sensor Networks and Data Mining Laboratory (KAVEM)
List of Continuing and Past Projects
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I regularly teach graduate and undergraduate level courses on Algorithms, Data Communications, Wireless Networks, Data Mining and Network Security. Most of my course material are available online. You can see my past courses here. Currently, I am teaching the following courses.

Fall 2018: Veri İletişimi (Data Communications)
Fall 2018: Mühendislik Projesi (Engineering Project)
Fall 2018: Veri Madenciliği (Data Mining)

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