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Unsupported Platforms

A few platforms which have been attempted and which have been reported to not work with the standard distribution. Others listed here do not provide sufficient library support for an attempt.

Table 17-2. Possibly Incompatible Platforms


MacOSallv6.31998-03-01not library compatible; use ODBC/JDBC
NetBSDarm32v6.31998-03-01not yet working (Dave Millen)
NetBSDm68kv6.31998-03-01Amiga, HP300, Mac; not yet working (Henry Hotz)
UltrixMIPS,VAX?v6.x1998-03-01no recent reports; obsolete?
Windows NTallv6.31998-03-01not library compatible; client side maybe; use ODBC/JDBC
Windowsx86v6.31998-03-01not library compatible; client side maybe; use ODBC/JDBC

Note that Windows ports of the frontend are apparently possible using third-party Posix porting tools and libraries.