imap_fetchstructure -- Read the structure of a particular message


object imap_fetchstructure(int imap_stream, int msg_number, int [flags] );

This function fetches all the structured information for a given message. The optional flags parameter only has a single option, FT_UID, which tells the function to treat the msg_number argument as a UID. The returned object includes the envelope, internal date, size, flags and body structure along with a similar object for each mime attachement. The structure of the returned objects is as follows:

Table 1. Returned Objects for imap_fetchstructure()

typePrimary body type
encodingBody transfer encoding
ifsubtypeTrue if there is a subtype string
subtypeMIME subtype
ifdescriptionTrue if there is a description string
descriptionContent description string
ifidTrue if there is an identification string
idIdentification string
linesNumber of lines
bytesNumber of bytes
ifdispositionTrue if there is a disposition string
dispositionDisposition string
ifdparametersTrue if the dparameters array exists
dparameters [a] Disposition parameter array
ifparametersTrue if the parameters array exists
parameters [b] MIME parameters array
parts [c] Array of objects describing each message part
a. dparameters is an array of objects where each object has an "attribute" and a "value" property.
b. parameter is an array of objects where each object has an "attributte" and a "value" property.
c. parts is an array of objects identical in structure to the top-level object, with the limitation that it cannot contain further 'parts' objects.